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Looking for a good framework for creating the structure and flow of webinars - without using slide decks or scripting. Does anyone have a tool they use they could recommend or share? Trying to get away from “presenting” toward more conversational, panel format webinars. Financial/B2C category.

We do a lot of panel webinars, but the format is relatively unstructured and unscripted so I’m not sure I’d have a tool or anything that could help.

We do script out the questions or discussion topics to essentially guide the conversation, but ideally it runs off into tangents or conversations between the speakers as things come up. These are usually run by our seasoned editorial team, so they have been doing these live and online for quite some time and can manage the shape the conversation pretty well. The key is to always try to steer people back to your original topic or to at least integrate the topic into any tangents that may happen while jumping in to move forward when needed.

For presentations, it’s not too bad if you can avoid scripts and utilize an SME that doesn’t need to cover exact things. I host a lot of webinars and it’s taken me years now to get my 2-5 minute scripted introductions to the point where I can “read” them while making it sound natural utilizing pauses and stutters effectively.

We’re mostly B2B, Bio/Pharma and are publishers, so presentations, even when scripted can work well if the information is new and succinct. Notably, the audience makeup makes a difference as well. I can script an entire webinar of scientific research being attended by scientists and it’ll get questions and engagement, but if I’m speaking to directors/execs or startup founders about business/industry related topics it has to be much less rigid to keep attention.

Bringing on a panel with a moderator and then 2-3 participant SMEs should easily create a non-scripted presentation wherein you can provide a lightly structured outline, but remind them that they are the experts and should definitely bring up topics/tangents that are important.

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Thank you Miles! I appreciate the feedack.

If you’ve got any specific questions or anything, feel free to hit me up.

We do about 100 webinars/events/panels a year and then 75 podcasts or so.